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Wood House

Aren't wood burning fireplaces the best?! The warmth! The ambiance! That crackle!

At Great North HQ we need to be stocked and ready for a fire just in case the mercury drops to an acceptable level. Enter the WOODPILE!

After Pinterest-ing for an unreasonable amount of time, I had settled on what I wanted to do. I loved this one by Black Lodge Cabins, so with that in mind, and acknowledging that mine won't be nearly as good...

Hubs and I had recently built ourselves a new fence, so decided to use the existing posts as the back of the frame work, and got to sketching. I wanted to make sure there was a way to seperate the kindling from the chunky logs, so subdivided the storage area with a shelf.

The construction could be pretty simple. All we needed to do was dig in and concrete two more posts for the front of the structure, and then we can start the framing! We intended to paint the wood pile the same as the fence, so opted for basic treated fencing pine for the whole to do.

Here's where we landed after Day 1! Posts in, Back on.

End of Day 2! Framing and slatting on!

Day 3! Paint done, roof on, firewood in.

All in all, the whole process took a couple of weekends, but we were working at a fairly comfortable pace, and were without our air compressor, which slowed us down as well, though, we probably ended up with a more substantial construction using screws.

Materials were about $215 with a little extra for paint. Not too shabby for what we ended up with, I reckon! Plus, the fur children seem to enjoy as a cubby house too..

Happy Building friends! xx


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