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What Our Clients Say

“As soon as we purchased our Mediterranean home and knew we were going to do a major renovation we got Ashley involved. Her design skills and attention to detail are unbelievable. We knew the outcome we wanted from our travels, books and magazines but didn’t know how to achieve it.  Using her wholesale suppliers, Ashley was able to find unique and beautiful furnishings reflecting the style we wanted & exceeded our expectations of what was possible. She also picked up things way before the builders did, saving us a lot of time, effort, heartache and money. I highly recommend Great North, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

- Jayne, Point Vernon


“I used Great North’s colour selection service and couldn’t be happier. When I moved into my Queenslander I just couldn’t quite put my finger on why it looked the way it did. What used to be the house in the street that everyone would walk past and not notice, now with the new colour scheme is the best looking house in the street.  My friends can’t believe the change and the combination of colours that Great North selected are fantastic.”

- Aaron, Queenslander

“Great North worked with our construction company on a brand new small two bedroom house build.  We wanted to make the space feel as large as possible and this was achieved via the colour palette and the finishes GN chose throughout the home.  This included all exterior & interior colours & finishes, including alloy window frame & roof colours. A great outcome. “

- CPD, Sunshine Coast 

“We have just started a renovation and are using Great North’s layout design services. They came and took all the dimensions and entered them into their design software. It enabled us to quickly walk through what the outcome of the renovation will look like before we started and they (Great North) suggested ideas we never would have thought of.  We will be implementing them all and we cannot put into words how happy we are.“

- Polson, Hervey Bay 


“We brought a very large house and made a lot of expensive mistakes trying to furnish it so we turned to an interior designer and it was a disaster ! They used interior lights in the exterior and kitchen finishes that did not work in a sunny space. Fast forward two years and we were having to redo everything they did. This is when we found Great North who are on the next level and so much more understanding & experienced when it comes to selecting the best product for our needs and the environment.”

- Rhys, Noosa Hinterland

“When we engaged the manufacturers of our expedition truck, we were surprised at the lack of colour options in the caravan and motorhome space. Most people settle for high-gloss and an unusual combination of colours and finishes. Enter ‘Great North’ and wow what a breath of fresh air ! Four years and 60,000 km later, we are still amazed at the reaction of people when they enter the space - it is warm, inviting and we love it ! Thank you Great North.”
- Owners, Wanderl
ust Wagon


After buying our home we were overwhelmed by the thought of making sure we made the right choices for the interior. While we have specific taste it was hard for us to ever get a real idea of where to start. After our first meeting Ashley had our concept ready and it was so much more amazing than we could have ever thought of ourselves! Ashley is a true professional but at the same time feels like an old friend. Not only has Ashley helped create a home we loved but I believe it has really maximised the value of our house.

- Lyndal, Narangba

Words can’t explain how grateful I am to have come across Ashley, Great North Interior Designs! Her vision, design creativity, experience, professionalism and product selection is out of this world. We moved into a very unique 3 story house which started as a blank canvas and now we live in a modern, contemporary, luxurious styled home. All phases of our project were handled quickly and with attention to detail. I couldn’t believe our home actually turned into her living vision board presented in the first week. Every item purchased is of high quality and marries into each area seamlessly. Her focus on high standards, great quality products, customer service and being extremely resourceful whilst getting the best for her clients and staying within budget (often below) is nothing short of amazing. I can’t recommend Great North Interior Designs enough and we Iook forward to our next project.

- Sally, Doonan

I met Ashley at a networking event and we instantly connected. She is so friendly and makes people feel valued. Soon after meeting Ashley, she recommend me to one of her clients. Ashley attended the first meeting I had with her client. I was absolutely inspired by the relationship she had with her client. Ashley listened to them intently and made them feel valued and cared for. It was as if the client and her were long time friends, it was something really special to experience. The interior Ashley had designed was homely and seamlessly tied in with her client’s personality. It was not only elegant but it was practical. Apart from Ashley’s amazing design skills she is also active in supporting other small business owners. Ashley is an incredibly kind hearted person always looking for ways to help people either by creating a stylish home or supporting someone in their business journey.  Meeting Ashley has been an absolute blessing and I can’t wait for you to meet her too!

- Porter Designs, Brisbane

See that Jute Dreams project? That’s my house! Can you believe how BEAUTIFUL it looks?? All my life I’ve wanted to have a beautiful, comfortable home. I’ve bought so much useless stuff over the years, wasted so much money. Then I was introduced to Ashley and my life changed! Ashley is SO amazing. She exudes this excitement and passion for design, you can’t help but be inspired. Every step of the process was so much fun, stress free and an adventure. We visited these amazing out of the way little shops that I never knew existed and found gorgeous things I didn’t think I’d ever have. Then I got to watch an expert put my beautiful space together! If you want a gorgeous home I would not hesitate to recommend Ashley and Great North Interior Design to anyone.

- Raylene

If you're looking for an interior designer to create a space for you to effortlessly live, work, enjoy yourself and just pleasantly exist in then Ashley from Great North is the woman you need to speak to. Ashley will guide you through choosing the little tiniest of detail things to large, hand made custom pieces that completely reflect who you are and create an ambience that is to absolutely die for. If you want people to say WOW as soon as they walk in the door, you need to work with Great North. I can't wait to work with you again Ashley!

- Lauren

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