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May first thirst for adventure

The first of May is a public holiday is France. Did you know that? Yeah, we didn‘t either.

Day 6: The day everything was shit, i mean, SHUT.

France’s number of public holidays seems to be envied the world over, but when you’ve rented the smallest apartment in Paris and really need to get out and do stuff all day, a single public holiday can feel like a year- especially when everything is closed, and I mean like, ghost town, closed.

Luckily, the weather was so beautiful we hardly noticed that the door wouldn’t open to the museum we had walked almost 40 minutes to get to (Musée Rodin, if you were wondering). We continued walking, feeling SURE our latest experience was an exception, not a rule, only to find, that no, no, it was most definitely the rule.

We turned to google for suggestions, and as one wise blogger said “the best thing to do for May 1st in Paris, is to get on a flight to London”.

Maybe we should move on to day 7?


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