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F#ck the lemons & bail

Day 8: A comedy of errors.

❌ First, the local croissant source was sold out.

❌ Then, tried to eat leftover cheese- had gone bad

❌ Saw an amazing sculpture for our house, won’t fit in the suitcase

❌ Then, discovered all this time we could have been using a pass for the metro (would have been much cheaper)

❌ Then, got on the wrong train

✅ Finally found someone who makes a good coffee.

❌ Next (after extensive travel required) we arrived at the entrance of the catacombes only to discover that they are on strike.

❌ Then finally found a boulangerie for lunch, all sandwiches sold out.

✅ Discovered Jardin Luxembourg

✅ THEN we happened upon The Pantheon.

What (in all honesty) began as a begrudging “yeah, okay, because everything else fell through” thing, turned out to be an awe inspiring thing indeed!

The Pantheon has changed its role a few times throughout history, but is now (amongst other things) a mausoleum for some of France’s most distinguished citizens- google it. It also featured a gorgeous pendulum which was originally used to prove the movement of the earth- google that too.

After somehow making the waitress hate me while eating dinner, we decided to buy some cookies and hit the hay.

After all, when life gives you lemons, just say f#ck the lemons and bail. 😆


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