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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you need to know right away, so here's a good place to start. If your query isn't below, give us a shout! 

Why do you need to do a Consultation? 

As each project (and client) is completely unique, we need an opportunity to see the space in question, talk to you about what you're hoping to achieve, what you'd like to spend, your timeframe etc. That's what we do at your Initial Consultation! This is our chance to itemise the scope of work so we can suggest what is going to work best for your project. We'll need at least an hour or two.

What is a Concept? 

A concept is a creative direction for the space/project. It's an articulated vision for what we're going to try to achieve. 

What areas do you service? 

We service the greater Brisbane area, which can include the Sunshine & Gold Coasts.

We're also happy to work remotely if the project allows- hello FaceTime! 

What if we have a Consultation & Concept and decide not to proceed with more work? 

That's okay!! Look, we'd love to work with you, but if it's not what you need, we understand.  

It's not for everybody. But remember, we're here if you need any assistance in the future, and we hope to help in any way we can. 

I don't need a full package, what would be most suitable for me? 

Cool! Not every project is a "Blank Canvas", and that's totally okay!

If you're looking for advice, help on a shopping trip, or just one great piece of furniture, we're happy to help with that too.

Give us a call, or drop us a line and we'll work something out that makes sense for you, and what you need. 

I just need help with Colour Selections, do you do that? 

We sure do!! This service is spread out over two meetings, includes A4 paint chips for you to keep and a Digital Rendering (if possible) to help you visualise your choices!

A note from Ashley: 

Interior Design can have a bad rap. Designers have been known to be judgemental or rude, with unrealistic expectations, and requiring huge budgets. I understand, and the majority of people have never worked with an Interior Designer, so how do you know what to expect? Well, we're here trying to change the narrative. Interior Design can be a great way to SAVE money because it means you're doing it once, the right way. We pass designer & trade discounts on to you wherever we can, and we're happy to help in the way your  project needs. We advocate timeless design and quality above all, but ultimately our mission is to make Interior Design accessible to those who appreciate our work and see its value.  


Let's work together to make your space something truly Great!
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